Facebook Launching ‘Save For Later’ Option

By Justin Lafferty 

Facebook is expanding well beyond the like button. First, there were reports of a want button. Now, multiple sources say that Facebook is launching a save for later option that would allow users to save their favorite posts for reading at a more opportune time.

As first reported by iMore, Facebook is rolling out an option for users who just have too much good stuff in their news feeds and want to read it when they have more time. IMore first broke the news that Facebook was testing this new feature for the iPhone and iPad, then The Verge heard from a Facebook spokesperson that the desktop version of Facebook will have this, too.

Essentially, it works like a favorites section.

Leanna Lofte of iMore explained:

All saved stories are private, so you don’t have to worry about Sally being notified that you saved her relationship change to single. You wouldn’t want her to think you’re some weird creepy stalker!

You do not need to download an update to receive this feature. You should simply see a notification informing you of the feature at the top of your news feed when you use the Facebook app on your iPhone (see above screenshot). I did not see the notification on my iPad, but the feature is indeed there.

On the desktop, you’ll soon see “save,” next to the options of like, comment, and share. Here’s a screenshot, courtesy of The Verge:

Readers: Are you seeing this feature yet?

Images courtesy of iMore and The Verge.