Facebook Buzz Greater For Obama Than Romney Ahead Of Election Day

By Jennifer Moire 

With more than 110,000 political Facebook pages in the U.S. and more than 11,000 U.S.-based pages for politicians, Facebook is a treasure trove of voting and political data, and campaigns are taking full advantage in the final hours of the race.

Here’s a look at just some of the political activity across the social network.

  • According to the Facebook-CNN Election Insights tool, people are buzzing more on Facebook about President Barack Obama than Republican nominee Mitt Romney,. Females ages 25 to 34 are chatting the most about Obama on Facebook, while males ages 25- to 4 are talking the most about Romney.
  • Mentions of both Obama and Romney are down since Sunday, with Obama receiving about 1.2 million average daily Facebook mentions, while Romney has slightly fewer, around 1.1 million.

The presidential candidates are closing out the campaign with get out the vote videos and messages that summarize their closing arguments.

  • Obama posted a video on his Facebook page featuring comedian Will Ferrell, while Romney says that “better days are ahead” if voters cast their ballot for him, in a video shared on Facebook.
  • In his pinned post, Romney asked voters to vote for the “love of country,” while Obama said the election is a choice and asked his Facebook fans to read his plan and Romney’s and decide which is better for them.
  • Obama and Romney are getting the most out of their respective Facebook pages in the waning hours of the race. Obama published this Facebook photo album of graphics representing his political accomplishments, which has resulted in more than  9,166 shares, 74,896 likes, and over 9,600 comments.
  • Meanwhile, Romney posted this photo of one of his rallies on the campaign trail. The post has received 4,716 shares, 132,655 likes, and over 8,354 comments.

Need to know where to vote? Facebook has an app for that.

Facebook users in the U.S. can find their polling place on Election Day with a Polling Place Locator developed jointly by Microsoft, Facebook, and the nonpartisan Voting Information Project.

Readers: Are you using Facebook to decide how you will cast your vote tomorrow?

Main image courtesy of Shutterstock.