Ikea's Facebook Campaign Tops Vivaldi Ranking

By David Cohen Comment

Ikea received prominent mention in Vivaldi Partners’ Social Currency 100+ list, which uses six factors to score brands on their online marketing, which these days means Facebook promotions.

The furniture retailer was acknowledged for a perfect rating in five of the six factors, with its campaign on the social network to encourage users to friend its showroom managers highlighted.

The six factors, which Vivaldi calls the “Social Sixes,” are:

  • Affiliation: Through this initiative, I feel like a member of a community
  • Identity: Through this initiative, I can express a part of myself to others
  • Information: This initiative helps me receive and share valuable information with other people
  • Conversation: This initiative makes others talk a lot about the brand
  • Utility: Through this initiative, other people can help me get more value from the brand
  • Advocacy: This initiative makes me talk positively about the brand to others

The Social Currency 100+ is made up of companies in 12 industries from the Americas, Europe, and Asia, with sectors including automotive, media, confectionary, luxury, and toys, and the list takes the past three years into account.

Vivaldi said its goals are to:

  • Show how companies use digital and social networking technologies around the world;
  • Inform and inspire best practices in the application of these tools and technologies;
  • Stimulate people to discuss and evaluate the effectiveness of these initiatives;
  • Provide a forum for sharing and contributing by everyone; and
  • Promote the applications of digital and social networking technologies.

Readers: Have you interacted with any brands on Facebook that perform strongly in the “Social Sixes?”