Turn Your Facebook Photo Into A Postcard … And Send It

By Justin Lafferty 

Many Facebook users didn’t like when it seemed as if the social network was trying to take over their email. But we’re guessing people might be a little more happier that Facebook is making progress in the snail mail market. Users can create a physical postcard with a Facebook photo and send it to a friend. According to TechCrunch, the social network is trying this out on a few select members before potentially rolling it out for everyone.

The innovation was made possible by a hackathon, but it appears to be gaining traction within Facebook. The “Mail a Postcard” feature is brought to users by Sincerely, an application that allows people to send gifts and greeting cards from their phones. Facebook users can pick a photo, write a personalized message on the back, and address it to a friend. Don’t know their mailing address? It’ll prompt the recipient for that.

This isn’t exactly breaking new ground for Sincerely, which already has the Postagram program, where Instagram users can turn photos into postcards. Now that Facebook will soon own Instagram, it seems like a natural transition. The price for Postagram is $0.99 per postcard, but it’s unclear how much Facebook will charge for this service should it decide to get behind it fully. Mashable said Facebook is testing out a few price points.

TechCrunch’s Josh Constine explains:

The few users who are in the feature’s tester group will see a “Mail Postcard” button at the bottom of photos they’re viewing. Clicking it opens a screen to enter the friend’s address and message. Users can ask their friend or check their profile for their mailing address if they don’t know it. For now, you can only mail your own private photos to friends, or mail friends their own photos that you can see. It doesn’t work for public photos or photos from pages.

Readers: Would you take advantage of this feature?

Images courtesy of Mashable and Shutterstock.