What Facebook Marketers Need To Know About Pinners

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How do you market to pinners? To find out, we analyzed data on more than 10,000 associations between fans of Pinterest and other Facebook pages that they like.

Pinterest fans are proud when they find something awesome. They eagerly share on Foodspotting, Goodreads, and Spotify, desperate to share what they’re eating, reading, and listening to at all times. Always exploring, they are obsessed with BranchOut HQ and StumbleUpon.

Pinners want to be content creators, as well as to broadcast their super-special-sophisticated-knowledgeable identity to the world. To do so, they lean on WordPress, TweetDeck, foursquare, Digg, and Shareaholic.

Despite their interest in quality reads and quality foods, Pinterest fans are also fascinated by the superficial pleasures in life, with a strong hunger for celebrity news. They love Celebuzz, E Online, Hulu, Jezebel, and Fashionista.

And Pinterest fans use their savvy to their advantage, surfing the Net for opportunities to save money. They look to Amex:Link, Like, Love, Groupon, Young Entrepreneur, Freebies 4 Mom, and Gilt City for fun financial smarts.

Perhaps because their digital identity is so tied to their personal identity, Pinterest fans feel very close to their networks. They subscribe to Social RSS, SocialMouths, FamilyShare., AwkwardFamilyPhotos, HubSpot, and Constant Contact.

Overall, pinners like to be in the know and, perhaps more importantly, seem in the know. They’re always on the lookout for tricks and trivia, and then live to share it out with their social networks. Consider them the town criers of the web.

Readers: What insights does this data give you about marketing to pinners?

Guest writers: John Kenny, senior vice president of strategic planning at DraftFCB; Katie Halpern, associate strategic planner at Draftfcb; and Kevin McCarthy, chief executive officer of Likester.