Facebook’s Mobile Interface For Pages Looks More Like Timeline

By Justin Lafferty 

Facebook recently announced that the mobile experiences for iOS and Android will change for the better. Sister site Inside Facebook noticed that some of the tweaks with regard to pages have already gone live, making the mobile interface look a lot more like the desktop version of timeline.

Tabs, which were once static when accessed via mobile, are now scrollable. If a page has more than three tabs, users can swipe left or right with their fingers to see the full range of tabs. However, Inside Facebook noted that tabs that are created or purchased are not yet accessible on smartphones.

The new interface for pages also shows friend activity, so users can see which friends like the page they’re visiting, as well as what posts they’ve made about that brand. Users can also more easily recommend a page. Pinned posts, which show up first and most prominent on desktop, now get first billing on mobile.

Fan pages on smartphones now have features such as cover photos and more information. For instance, when you visit the Facebook page of a restaurant, it will tell you whether or not it’s open, the address, and a price estimate:

Page administrators should check out how their page looks on mobile, as the profile image doesn’t seem to line up seamlessly with the cover photo.

Musicians’ pages have Spotify integrated, showing which tracks are most popular:

Users who manage pages can now easily monitor and manage activity, with an interface that looks similar to the voice feature for desktop:

Readers: What other changes on the Facebook mobile interface have you noticed?