Facebook Expands Mobile App Install Ad Options

By Justin Lafferty 

Facebook has been trying to make sure that the application install ads that users see on mobile are relevant. The company announced Wednesday that advertisers can now target their app install ads to users of specific versions of iOS or Android operating systems, and those who are currently on Wi-Fi, among other options.

Through the updated install app creation tool, advertisers can more directly target users by not only what kind of phones they’re using, but which operating systems.

Facebook noted that a few companies have tried this in beta, with great success:

  • Poshmark, a retail mobile app, has seen three times better return on investment from mobile app install ads compared with other paid channels.
  • Social Quantum, a Russian-based international game developer, became the No. 5-grossing app in the U.S. within less than one month after running mobile app install ads as its primary method of acquiring new users.
  • Nanigans, a Preferred Marketing Developer, generated 92 percent ROI in less than two weeks for a mobile gaming client by bidding and optimizing for ROI.
  • O2, a U.K. communications company, used mobile app install ads to catapult its new app, O2 Tracks, to No. 6 in the App Store just days after launching. O2 reached an audience of more than 9 million people during its three-day marketing sprint on Facebook.

Facebook also announced that it will hold a Q & A session April 17 for advertisers curious about mobile app install ads.

Readers: How often do you see mobile app install ads on your phones or tablets?