Facebook Messenger: Updates For BlackBerry, IPhone And Android

By David Cohen Comment

Now that the BlackBerry network has recovered from glitches that hit earlier this month, Facebook launched an update of Facebook Messenger for the platform, as well as for the iPhone and Android.

The social network also added support for 22 new languages for the Android version of Facebook Messenger, and 12 for the iPhone.

Among the new Facebook Messenger features, users of all versions of the app can now:

  • See when the other person in a conversation is typing,
  • View the online status for all of their friends, and
  • Add their top friends to new or existing threads.

Our sister blog Inside Facebook gave the BlackBerry update a test drive and offered more details:

When users go to start a conversation or add friends to an existing thread, they’ll first see a list of their closest friends and their online statuses — whether online on the web, on their mobile device, or offline. Below this, users see an alphabetical list of all their online friends, and can also search for offline friends. This means that if users just want to chat but not with anyone in particular, they’ll see options of readily available friends, which could increase usage of the app.

Meanwhile, we don’t think it’s a coincidence, that developer of BlackBerry application Chit Chat for Facebook announced that the app is now available free of charge, after previously being priced at $1.99.

Chit Chat for Facebook allows users to simultaneously chat with multiple Facebook friends, and its background and instant-message format can be customized.

The app works via WiFi or 3G and higher connections.

Readers, do you use Facebook Messenger on any of your mobile devices or do you find the app redundant?