Is Facebook Making You Lonely? (Again?)

By Jackie Cohen 

Spring break combined with Facebook’s quiet period before the initial public offer has everyone scrounging for stories, which is the only logical explanation for the latest batch of articles asking whether Facebook actually makes us lonely.

If that question looks like a refrain to you, well, join the club. We love how Forbes’ Jeff Bercovici answered the question posed by  in his own headline, “Is Facebook Making You Lonely? Don’t Be Stupid.”

He and a couple other bloggers were responding to The Atlantic‘s headline that used first person plural in asking the question. Well, maybe they feel that way, but we’re having a sense of deja vu over this. This topic has come up many times before.

Querents start with the word depressed, citing the latest study using only a three-digit survey sample to arrive at the conclusion that Facebook makes people feel lonely in a crowd, or even stressed out by having too many contacts to worry about on the site.

Aside from the fact that we doubt whether a three-digit survey sample can ever accurately reflect how 845 million people really feel, we think that gripes about loneliness are, well, cries for more attention via social media. Hipster shrinks might call them luxury problems.

So we’re curious to know what you think, readers. Is Facebook really making you lonely, or are you tired of this question by now? Cast your vote in our informal poll below and share your thoughts in the comments section. Be sure to check back to see how others are voting.