Help Children In Need By Playing Facebook Game

By David Cohen Comment

If you’re going to play games on Facebook, why not choose one that is aimed at helping children with disabilities: A Better World.

Created by digital entertainment company ToonUps, A Better World has players select characters and explore areas of the game where they can post “do-good” activities, such as donating groceries to a shelter, talking with a lonely senior citizen, holding a household discussion about values with children, or posting expressions of gratitude.

Areas of the game include the Gratitude Grotto, the Sanctuary of Hope, and the Department of Do Good.

The activities mentioned above boost players’ scores, and bring the community closer to the “Reach for the Stars Community Goal” — if 1 million good deeds are generated by Jan. 31, nonprofit organization will receive a $10,000 donation to help fund medical operations for 10 children.

A Better World creator and ToonUps Chief Operating Officer MarySue Hansell said:

Our new “Reach for the Stars” activities have been designed to promote a sense of goodwill and camaraderie among players. At least once a quarter, we will offer an opportunity for community members to work together to achieve something positive in the real world through activities within the game. Our members have told us they love the idea of doing good for others, of being a part of an online community that is uplifting and values driven.

Readers: Would the prospect of helping those in need make playing a Facebook game more enticing to you?