Facebook, Irish Parish Resolve Effin Dispute

By David Cohen Comment

The general consensus is that it’s wise to avoid profanity on Facebook, but what if the so-called profanity isn’t profane at all, and is actually the name of a town?

TheJournal.ie’s The Daily Edge blog reported that Facebook is finally allowing residents of Effin, a town in Ireland’s County Limerick, to list Effin as their hometown.

However, Effin natives who have since moved overseas are out of luck, as only Facebook users in Ireland can add the parish’s name to their profiles.

According to The Daily Edge, Effin resident Ann Marie Kennedy began the push for the social network to recognize her hometown, and the campaign reached national newspapers and radio, with Kennedy also penning a letter to Facebook Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook had resisted allowing users to list Effin on their profiles because it sounds like a person implying the F-word, but sometime around Christmas, the social network quietly lifted the ban for users in Ireland.

We wonder why Effin caused so much consternation, when The Daily Edge reports that other Irish towns permitted by Facebook include Nicker, Freemount, Meanus, and Muff. It makes us want to retire to Effin watering hole The Harp (pictured) for a pint or two.