Facebook hires: engineering, design, counsel, more

By Sara Inés Calderón Comment

Facebook this week expanded its design team with new hires from YouTube, Quora and Rdio, according to its LinkedIn feed.

 It also appears that Facebook cleaned out its job inventory again this week, as its Careers page showed many jobs removed since last week. Jobs included counsel, engineering, accounting, communications, recruiting and more.
  • Wilson Miner, Designer – former lead designer at Rdio.
  • Margaret Stewart, Designer – formerly worked at YouTube.
  • Elizabath Windram, Designer – formerly worked at Quora.
  • Soham Mazumdar, Software Engineer – former staff software engineer at Google.
  • Subhro Kar, Operations Engineer – former information systems architect at iXiGO.com.
  • Vinay Emani, Software Engineer – former student.
  • Carla Coll, User Operations Content Analyst – former student.
  • Vinay Satish Kumar, Quant – former student.
  • Nicol Wilson, Platform Marketing Events Operations Manager – former research administrator.
  • Virginia Vanga, Purchasing – former senior purchasing manager at Electronic Arts.

Prior listings now removed from the Facebook Careers Page:

  • Sr. Linux Systems Engineer
  • Corporate Counsel
  • Corporate Paralegal
  • Associate General Counsel, Labor & Employment
  • Director of Tax Operations
  • Communications Manager – Russia & Eastern Europe (London)
  • Marketing Communications Manager, APAC (Singapore)
  • Global Customer Marketing Lead
  • Fraud Investigator, Risk Operations (Austin)
  • Manager, Server Sourcing and Procurement
  • Product Manager, Insights and Measurement
  • Partner Engineer – Marketing Solutions (Chicago)
  • Partner Engineer – Mobile, HTML5
  • Partner Manager, API (London)
  • Technology Partner, Security
  • Technical Recruiter (London)
  • Technical Recruiter – Contract (Australia)
  • Technical Recruiter – Contract (Dublin)
  • Technical Recruiter – Contract (Hyderabad)
  • Technical Recruiter – Contract (Singapore)
  • Technical Sourcer – Contract (Hyderabad)
  • Account Manager, Turkey (London)
  • Account Manager – French (Dublin)
  • Head of Account Management, LATAM
  • Manager, APAC Platform Partnerships (Singapore)
  • Manager, Platform Partnerships – Japan (Tokyo)
  • Analyst, User Operations (Hyderabad)
  • Analyst, User Operations, Dutch (Dublin)
  • Analyst, User Operations – Indonesian (Dublin)
  • Analyst, User Operations – Vietnamese (Dublin)
  • Associate, User Operations (Hyderabad)
  • Client Partner, Politics
  • Client Partner – Czech (Dublin)
  • Client Partner – Dutch (Dublin)
  • Client Partner – French (Dublin)
  • Client Partner, Italian (Dublin)
  • Client Partner – Spanish (Dublin)
  • Client Partner – Turkish (Dublin)
  • Client Partner (Auckland), New Zealand
  • Client Partner (Madrid)
  • Client Partner (Milan)
  • Client Partner Hamburg
  • Client Partner Sweden
  • Client Partner, Poland
  • Client Partner, Turkey (London)
  • Client Partner (Poland)
  • Client Partner (Sydney)
  • Pan Euro Client Partner (London)
  • Partner Manager, Marketing API (Dublin)
  • Asset Management Analyst
  • Asset Manager, Data Center
  • Platform Associate
  • Strategic Partner Development Associate, Gaming
  • SMB Marketing Associate (Dublin)
  • SMB Marketing Manager, German (Dublin)
  • Associate, Business Operations, API
  • Associate, Corporate FP&A
  • Administrative Assistant, Singapore
  • Administrative Assistant, Growth, Mobile & International

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