Don't Create Fakes To Hack Facebook's News Feed

By David Cohen Comment

Facebook’s printed rules specifically prohibit users from creating fake accounts, yet that’s exactly what some page administrators have resorted to in order to try to make their posts more visible in the news feed.

Since Facebook revamped how the news feed organizes posts this past fall, engagement has more of an influence than ever on a post’s visibility.

Wise Metrics reported that some unscrupulous page managers have resorted creating fake Facebook accounts to like and comment on their own posts in order to boost their visibility in the news feed.

However, this tactic only works within the first hour after a post goes live.

We agree wholeheartedly with Wise Metrics’ five reasons why page managers shouldn’t try to fake engagement with posts. Here’s our rendition:

  1. It’s simply unethical.
  2. Facebook may crush you: It’s against the site’s rules to create fake profiles.
  3. Others might suffer too: Facebook could easily write a program that will detect fake interactions on a much broader scale than this.
  4. The risks could go well beyond Facebook: When someone figures out you’ve got fake profiles, that can result in a public relations nightmare that may do more brand damage than you think.
  5. You don’t learn. As your success is fabricated, it is difficult to distinguish what has worked and what didn’t.

Readers, does the idea of marketers creating fake profiles on Facebook unsettle you at all?