Facebook Employees Enjoy Tasty Perks

By Justin Lafferty 

As a group of high school students is currently discovering, it doesn’t suck to work at Facebook. USA Today recently compared the perks of Facebook with those of Zynga and Google, as all three companies make sure offices are posh enough to attract the top talent.

USA Today called Facebook’s Menlo Park, Calif., headquarters a “Silicon Disneyland.” Facebook (as well as Zynga and Google) has to appeal to its talent pool, which is primarily under 30.

One of the more well-publicized perks in Mark Zuckerberg’s company is the food. It’s free and plentiful. The main walkway is lined with food carts carrying hot dogs, pizza, and tacos. Two cafes serve up free food (7,200 meals per day for the 2,400 Menlo Park employees), day and night. All bread is also baked on site, except for bagels.

But the benefits don’t stop at the taste buds. Facebook employees enjoy free wash-and-fold laundry services, haircuts, and dry cleaning. Employees also get lucrative stock options, in addition to a competitive salary. The company gives bonuses in cash and stock, offering four weeks of vacation and four months of paid maternity leave. Facebook pays 100 percent of employees’ medical, dental, and vision benefits, as well as $4,000 in “baby cash” for parents’ day care and adoption costs.

However, an analyst who used to work for MySpace during that site’s most popular time warned that when times get rough, the perks will be the first thing to go, dealing a blow to morale.

John Reed, executive director of technology job-placement firm Robert Half Technology, explained why tech companies are going above and beyond to provide employees with a comfortable workplace:

In this market, particularly in Silicon Valley, you’ve got to take extraordinary measures to stand out from the crowd.

Readers: How do Facebook’s benefits compare with your office’s?