You’ve Got Facebook Mail

By Justin Lafferty 

You might be surprised to check your contact information and find that your default email address has been replaced by a Facebook email address. Didn’t sign up for a Facebook email address? One was provided for you.

Even if you’ve never even heard of Facebook email, for many users, the social network has chosen that as your default email contact. If you never set up an account, it will default to whatever your Facebook unique page ID is.

Forbes writer Kashmir Hill discussed this change today:

After all, it should be up to Facebook users to determine the information in their profile about how they want to be contacted, not Facebook. I hope they don’t start taking other liberties with my profile page, changing my interests, hobbies, and “in a relationship with” to “Facebook. Only Facebook.”

Naturally, there’s a way to revert back to the default email address you really want. Go to your about page and scroll down to contact info. Click the edit button, and then go to the cross-out icon to the right of the Facebook email address. Click “hidden from timeline.” Then go to the email address that you want people to see on your page (if you want that information out there), click the cross-out button, then go to “shown on timeline.”

Readers: Do any of you use Facebook email?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.