Facebook Celebrates Pi Day

By Justin Lafferty 

March 14 (or 3/14) is becoming more famous as Pi Day, in honor of the significant mathematical figure. Several people, pages, and brands on Facebook are celebrating this event with posts about the endless number or photos of the delicious pastry that shares the same sound.

Raytheon — which has been using Facebook to spread the word about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics among studentshas been delivering pies to teachers. It also uploaded a badge on the MathMovesU Facebook page, so users can share their pride for pi (and pie) by posting on friends’ timelines.

George Takei, actor and Facebook celebrity, posted a Pi Day photo, but with a twist:

Even President Barack Obama got into the fun:

Martha Stewart used Pi Day to share some of her favorite pie recipes:

Several brands posted light-hearted photos about the day.

Northstar California, a ski resort, took an active approach to their Pi Day post:

Oreo, which made waves during the Super Bowl with its quick thinking, put this ad on Facebook:

Chex Mix put out this tasty photo on Facebook:

Major League Baseball tied its promotion to not only Pi Day, but the film Life of Pi:

The popular page I F___king Love Science shared this among its 4.1 million fans:

The page for Denali Moose Tracks Ice Cream put its own spin on Pi Day (yes, it linked to the recipe in the post):

Readers: What has been the most creative post you’ve seen on Facebook about Pi Day?