Facebook Asks Paul Ceglia For $84,000 In Legal Fees

By David Cohen Comment

As Paul Ceglia’s attempt to claim half of Facebook continues to rapidly crumble, his financial obligations may rise just as quickly: The social network’s lawyers are going after Ceglia for more than $84,000 in legal fees.

Earlier this month, U.S. Magistrate Judge Leslie G. Foschio ordered Ceglia to pay a $5,000 civil contempt fine for obstructing one of the judge’s orders by failing to provide Facebook information about his personal email accounts.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Facebook’s lawyers also asked Foschio to prohibit Ceglia from filing any more “nonresponsive papers or pleadings in the case” until the bills are paid.

Orin Snyder, the most senior Gibson Dunn partner working on the case, charged Facebook $716.25 per hour, while the firm’s most junior associate charged $337.50, drawing the ire of Ceglia’s lawyer, Dean Boland, who told the newspaper:

Cleveland and Buffalo are pretty identical demographically, and I can tell you that no lawyer would survive in the city of Cleveland charging that much per hour, because no one would be able to hire him.

Boland is from Cleveland, and the case is being tried in Buffalo, N.Y.

Readers: Do you think it’s time for Ceglia to raise the white flag?