Facebook Breakup Notifier Doesn't Do Much Stalking

By Jackie Cohen Comment

The creepy-sounding Breakup Notifier proves a clever name will garner a lot of attention for an application that doesn’t really do anything.

The attention is only coming from the media, because the Breakup Notifier’s page on Facebook lists zero monthly users and zero likes. That’s probably because the tool doesn’t really do anything, nor create any original content whatsoever, but simply sends out email notifications when people you have a crush on become single. Facebook’s default settings already publish to the newsfeed any changes in relationship status, and you can select to have this information go out to you via email by tinkering with your settings.

If anything, the Breakup Notifier seems to contradict the very definition of stalking, because unless you delete new application installations from your own feed, Facebook will default to telling all of your friends you’ve installed this app. That would put on notice everyone you’re interested in who’s in a relationship.

Now if this application did something more substantial, like analyze trends in breakup patterns among different demographic groups in order to predict the likelihood that people you know might become single, that would make the app more interesting, albeit a bit creepier.

Have you looked at the Breakup Notifier, and more importantly, is it something you’d want your friends to see listed on your page?