Facebook’s Shopping Spree Might Not Be Over

By Justin Lafferty 

As Facebook looks for more ways to boost revenue, the company has gone from buying out companies for talent grabs to focusing on acquiring properties that can help make money. Instagram and Karma were two of the biggest buys this year, but a Facebook official told The Wall Street Journal that Mark Zuckerberg’s checkbook might still be out.

Facebook continues to consider acquisitions that will help the company improve its bottom line. Software developers, such as Zynga, have gotten their start on Facebook. Others could strike it rich by being purchased by Facebook in the future.

Amin Zoufonoun, Facebook’s head of corporate development, told the Journal that the company is still searching its platform for new ideas. The company purchased Instagram to become a bigger player in the mobile market — which was the subject of IPO concerns — and Karma to enhance revenue options outside of advertising and fees from third-party games.

Zoufonoun told the Journal:

We’re building up our capabilities to be much more of a mobile delight and experience…. At various points, we might do a large acquisition like (Instagram), but it’s very hard to predict.

Readers: What do you think Facebook’s next acquisition could (or should) be?