Facebook Acq-Hires Yet Another Startup: Daytum

By Nick O'Neill Comment

Right now is a great time to create a startup. Even if your company isn’t wildly successful (yet), you can sell it to Facebook, as New York-based Daytum just did.

Of course, Facebook probably sees much greater potential in Daytum than what outsiders can see. The social network has the goal of acquiring up to 15 small companies in 2011, so forthcoming deals might shed some light on today’s deal.

Meanwhile, the newly acquired company wrote the following in a blog post today:

We’re thrilled to announce today that we just started a new phase of our careers: we’ve moved to California to join the product design team at Facebook. Building Daytum – and seeing how people use it – has been one of the most satisfying things we’ve done. We’re excited to start the next chapter, working with the rest of the design team at Facebook to help people express themselves and share experiences with friends. While we’ll be working full time at Facebook, Daytum will live on and will continue to work the same way as it does today.

All the best, and happy counting.

Ryan and Nicholas.

In contrast that most startups which are acq-hired by Facebook, this was a design buy rather than a development acquisition. Daytum was a data visualization service which helped users visualize personal statistics.

This buy

Readers, what sort of prospects do you see for Facebook’s integration of Daytum’s data visualization?