FAA Probes Mid-Air Harlem Shake Video

By Cameron Scott 

harlem shake, memes, video, social media, youtubeLeave it to a party-school ultimate frisbee team to take things too far.

The Colorado College team filmed a Harlem Shake video in mid-air during Frontier Airlines Flight 157 earlier this month.

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the airline as a result, according to a report from the Los Angeles Times.

The ultimate frisbee team asked flight attendants and fellow passengers for permission before filming the ultimate Harlem Shake video. They were evidently betting on a yes, though, since one team member came prepared with a banana suit.

The video is very shaky, which may be the cause of the FAA’s concern. A flight attendant said the video was filmed while the “fasten seat belts” sign was off. The shaking is the result of poor camera work, she said.

The passengers look to be enjoying themselves, but, even so, one has to wonder if the FAA ban video cameras and banana suits from all flights.

We’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, educate yourself on how the Harlem Shake craze is weird white ripoff of an actual dance style popular in the 1980s. And watch these Harlem youth killing it.