Extend Your Brand When You 'Use Facebook As Page'

By Shea Bennett Comment

Navigating Facebook using a page alias can extend your brand and streamline access to the content you need most.

To use Facebook as your page, log in as your normally would. Then click the drop-down arrow in the top right corner of the blue navigation bar.

Click on “Use Facebook as page.” Then select which of the pages you administer that you’d like to browse as.

Alternatively, visit your page, then click on the ‘Use Facebook as’ link at the top of the right-hand column (see screenshot above).

To revert from a page back to using Facebook as your user profile, click in either of the aforementioned ares to find links allowing you to switch back.

Likes And Notifications

When you’re logged in as a page, you see:

  • Metrics about your fan activity,
  • A news feed focused on pages you like,
  • Events relevant to your page
  • Your engagement with other pages, activity you can use to increase brand awareness on Facebook, attract more fans and elicit more likes.

There are subtle but important changes to the way the site works when you are using Facebook as your page.

The likes and notifications buttons on the top left of the page now display data for the page itself (as opposed to the user’s profile) – click on either of these to display more information.

Visiting the notifications area while using Facebook as your page, you will see data about your fans’ activity over the past week.

The friend request icon shows a count of recent likes of your page — although this number becomes less precise one a page’s fan count reaches six digits or more.

The notifications icon leads to a list of mentions, shares, wall posts, post comments and user activity on or related to your page — all helpful information for keeping track of influencers who can help advance your page’s brand.

Note that there is no way to access messages while using Facebook as a page, as pages cannot currently send private messages to users.

To read more about how using Facebook as a page can boost your brand, check out the Facebook Marketing Bible.

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