Exclusive: More Social Experiences in the Works for Food Network, Travel Channel, HGTV Through Echo’s App Management Platform

By Devon Glenn 

Lifestyle networks like the Food Network, HGTV, and the Travel Channel bring out the DIY spirit in viewers, which may be why they have found a home on the second screen. Scripps Network Interactive, which brings these brands to the web, has tapped Echo to power its social interactions with audiences through Echo’s app management platform.

The Travel Channel is already leveraging Echo’s real-time platform in the comments section. The network added 25 custom features, including the ability for visitors to sort out the most recent, most liked, or most active comments.

The Travel Channel also integrated the brand more deeply into the look and feel of the comments section and added customized like, sharing, and profile page integrations. “In essence, they created their own version of comments built on top of Echo,” the Echo team said.  “It’s a completely novel approach to creating something unique and interesting for their fans.”

Echo couldn’t tell us too much about other changes that may be coming to the core network-based sites like FoodNetwork.com, HGTV.com and TravelChannel.com, or more community-focused sites, such as Food.com, but the Echo App Management platform will handle 60 billion live streams per year and will enhance engagement across all Scripps’ properties.

Soon, there will be opportunities for viewers to interact with the talent, the programs, and the networks as a whole, as well as user-generated content programs and integrations with social TV and on-air experiences. “Look for integrations that touch TV, Mobile, and Web for fans of all the amazing Scripps properties,” the Echo team said.