Exclusive: MAZ Reports Growth in Pinterest Activity, Makes Magazine Clips Shareable on Tumblr

By Devon Glenn 

Visual sites like Pinterest have brought to the internet the pleasure of clipping pictures out of a magazine and saving them into a scrapbook.

MAZ Digital took the concept one step further with an iPad publishing platform that works with digital magazines to let readers capture snippets of articles and share them on Pinterest or other networks. Today, the company has announced that readers will also be able to save pictures to the iPad Photo Roll or share them on Tumblr.

MAZ founder and CEO Paul Canetti believes that adding a visual layer to a “boring old link” (MAZ clips link back to the source from within the app) will enhance the way that people share content on the blogging platform.

Compared to other social networks, Tumblr is “generally more visual,” he explained, “but it has a Twitter-like feel to it where there is text as well.”

Canetti imagines that the creators of single-subject blogs will get a lot of mileage out of MAZ, which they can use to capture a picture of every cat or other subject they see in a magazine, or even on the web, and post it on their Tumblr blogs. “Tumblr is known for being quirkier,” he pointed out.

Since the team added a Pinterest share button a few weeks ago, Canetti said that the visual platform has seen an equal number of shares through MAZ as Facebook and Twitter, even though MAZ has linked to the other two platforms for a couple of months.

In some cases, the use is even higher. Cake Central, a social network for cake decorators, puts out a magazine that’s loaded with images of sculpted fondant and towering tiers.  Their baked goods get twice as many pins on Pinterest as they do shares on Facebook, and virtually nothing on Twitter.

Twitter is not entirely out of the picture, though – Canetti said that other MAZ users like to share text on the microblogging site because they can keep the original font and layout, especially for inspirational quotes.

In the demo video, MAZ shows how to take content from magazines, newspapers, or web pages and share them on a social network.

MAZ – Simple from MAZ on Vimeo.