Ever Wanted To Ask A Question To People In A Certain Area? Try Askalo.

By reginaavalos Comment

Moving to or visiting a new city can be a stressful task for anyone. Questions are bound to come up, and those questions will need answers. Want to know where the best dentist is in the area? What about the best and most reasonable place to buy pizza? Two questions on opposite ends of the spectrum, but both need solid answers you can trust to be right.

In the past, the answers to these questions would go unanswered, or the there would be a process of trial and error without even asking the question. Services like Yelp and TripAdvisor let you look at geo-located reviews and comments, but you can’t just throw a question up for people int he area. The process would involve a lot of poking around and crossing of fingers that all goes well. That wastes precious time. A new site is trying to take out the guesswork and give you what you need – answers.

Askalo is a new local question and answer community where users can ask questions about cities they are new to and get the best answer possible. The community is all user based. Users ask the questions and other users answer with their knowledge. The answers will then be voted on to select the best answer to the question being asked. All the questions and answers are location based. Imagine Yahoo! Answers, but designed for a specific location.

German company Yalwa, which was founded by Dr. Klaus Gapp, started Askalo. The site launched in July 2010 with the focus initially on German speaking cities in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. However, just one month later the service expanded. It is now in thirty-eight countries with five languages represented.

With a style similar to other question and answer-based sites, Askalo is easy to use. Get in, ask your question, and wait for the answers you seek. The process here is simple just like some things should be in the world. You want answers and Askalo will provide them.