Facebook Forms EMEA Client Council

By David Cohen 

EMEAClientCouncil650Facebook announced the formation of its EMEA Client Council in a post in Spanish on the Facebook for Business page by vice president for Europe, the Middle East and Africa Nicola Mendelsohn, saying that the group is made up of representatives from brands and agencies throughout the region.

According to Mendelsohn, members of the EMEA Client Council are:

Mendelsohn said in the (translated) Facebook for Business post:

As part of our efforts to create a more open and interconnected world, it is essential that Facebook is associated with its customers and provide them the attention they deserve, so that we can define our priorities and generate greater influence in the region. Today we are pleased to announce the creation of the EMEA Client Council, which we conceive as a step toward achieving that objective.

We believe that developed countries and those that have high growth rates have a lot to learn from each other, and we wanted to create a forum in which some of the best minds in the industry could hear and share ideas and inspire thinking about the future of marketing.

That future is connected and mobile Internet devices. Increasingly, users access the Internet at an astonishing rate, while devices such as mobile phones, tablets and even clothing with built-in technology are transforming our behavior and will be a factor that will drive growth in EMEA. For example, in parts of Africa and the Middle East, the mobile phone becomes a means of survival that provides authentic information on commodity prices, health care, banking, employment, entertainment and leisure.

The evolution of consumer behavior also creates extraordinary opportunities for marketers. Today, businesses can and should thrive without giving personal attention to reach an audience on a large scale. However, in some countries with high growth rates, advertisers have limited means or are fragmented. That’s why our teams have accelerated the development of more personalized advertising solutions in those regions. We know that every person in every corner of the world uses Facebook in a different way, and we are creating new solutions based on how people communicate via mobile devices. We want our clients and partner agencies to provide us with their comments and be part of this project.

Readers: What are your initial thoughts on Facebook’s EMEA Client Council?