Facebook Tweaks Embedded Posts

By David Cohen 

EmbeddedPostsRedesign650Facebook introduced embedded posts last July to allow its users to add public posts from media outlets to other Web destinations, such as blogs and websites. The social network announced improvements to the feature Wednesday: a new design, faster load times, and the ability for publishers to save their default widths.

Software Engineer Dave Capra detailed the changes in a post on the social network’s developer blog:

Posts that include media content such as photos and videos usually get more engagement on Facebook. As a result, we’ve updated embedded posts to display images and videos above the post’s text and other content.

Embedded posts now load up to twice as fast as before. Improved performance makes it easier for you to embed multiple Facebook posts in your story without having to worry about delays.

We now save the width that you set when configuring the embed plugin so that you don’t have to set it again for future embeds.


Capra also mentioned the FB Newswire group and the social network’s Trending section as resources for users looking for posts to embed.

Readers: What do you think of Facebook’s embedded posts feature?