Ecwid: Facebook Referrals Soar During Holiday Season

By David Cohen 

Facebook commerce provider Ecwid said Monday that Facebook-driven purchases from its small and midsized retail clients during the 2012 holiday shopping season more than doubled when compared with the period prior to the holidays.

According to Ecwid, the percentage of Facebook-powered links to its clients rose from an average of 4 percent before the holiday shopping season to 6 percent to 7 percent, reaching 8.5 percent Dec. 6.

The company said its findings contrasted sharply from those by IBM Smarter Commerce, which claimed that social media made virtually no contributions to Black Friday sales.

Ecwid collected data from some 180,000 Facebook storefronts that use its widget technology, and it defined its pre-holiday period as Oct. 30 through mid-November, and its holiday shopping period as Thanksgiving week through Christmas.

The company concluded on its findings:

Conversations with Facebook storefront owners have led Ecwid to the conclusion that small businesses know how to “work the social network system” effectively, meaning that they continually socialize with people posting on their Facebook pages, just as they would in a physical store.

Readers: How much of an effect do you think Facebook has on holiday shopping?