App Developer To Mark Zuckerberg: I Like You

By Justin Lafferty 

Not everyone hates Facebook Co-Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Not long after an app developer wrote an open letter to Zuckerberg on his blog claiming that Facebook tried to bully him into an acqui-hire, the CEO of Earbits countered with a rosier opinion of the man in charge of the social network.

Earbits is an app that serves as a radio station for independent artists. According to our sister site, AppData, Earbits users really spiked earlier this month, and weekly active users are trending positively. Earbits boasts 2,074 daily active users and 26,618 monthly active users, and the company’s CEO, Joey Flores, publicly thanked Zuckerberg for offering Facebook as a platform.

In a love letter to Zuckerberg, Flores outlined how the Facebook and open graph have helped Earbits blossom:

In September, you stood in a packed meeting hall, and in front of a massive online audience, and announced open graph. You put our logo up, and I received emails of congratulations from friends and colleagues. We got tens of thousands of users to our website that day. A couple of record labels we had been trying to work with contacted us and added their music to Earbits. I have yet to receive a bill for this service.

We now have 35,000 Facebook fans who engage with us regularly. We have over 130,000 registered users through Facebook Connect. We have received over 207,000 visitors from Facebook that we know of. We paid for none of this.

Readers: If you manage a business or app on the Facebook platform, are you happy with the results?