YouTubers Get Down On The Digitour [Exclusive Video]

By Megan O'Neill Comment

If you haven’t heard the news yet, a collection of YouTube’s most popular musicians is headed across the country on The Digitour, the first ever full-fledged YouTube concert tour.  Earlier this week I had the opportunity to attend one of their shows, at Jammin’ Java in Vienna, VA (woo!), interview some of the performers and watch the show and I’ve got tons of great video footage to share.

In this first installment Ricky Ficarelli does a little freestyle rapping backstage and the Key Of Awesome, Christina Grimmie and DeStorm perform.  Stay tuned because in the coming days and weeks we’ll be releasing more video footage from The Digitour, including video interviews with Ricky Ficarelli, DeStorm, Christina Grimmie and David Choi as well as performances from each of those individuals, The Gregory Brothers and more.

Ricky Ficarelli Raps Backstage

When I sat down for my interview with Ricky Ficarelli, DeStorm, Christina Grimmie and David Choi they all decided it would be funny to mess with me by introducing themselves as each other.  Christina Grimmie introduced herself as Dave Days; and DeStorm introduced himself as Christina Grimmie.  When Ricky Ficarelli introduced himself as DeStorm I decided to mess with him too, so I asked him to rap for me.  Here are the results.  Ricky, you may want to stick to drumming. :-)

The Key Of Awesome – Jersey Shore LIVE

Mark and Anastasia Douglas of The Key Of Awesome was the first group to perform.  Here they are, doing their rendition of a song about the Jersey Shore, sung by The Boss himself, Bruce Springsteen.

Christina Grimmie – Liar Liar LIVE

One of the highlights of the night was when Christina Grimmie sang her original song ‘Liar Liar’.  In our interview, Christina told me that she writes a lot of original music, though she only uploads covers to her YouTube channel.  I thought this song was absolutely stunning.

DeStorm – Random Topic

DeStorm performed a couple of his YouTube hits like Rapping Movie Titles, but one of the highlights of his performance came at the end of his set, when he did an improv game called ‘Random Topic’.  He had people in the audience hold up random stuff that they had in their pockets and he rapped about it.

We hope you enjoyed the first taste of our Digitour video collection.  We’ll be releasing more footage, plus our interviews, soon.

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