Watch: David After Dentist, Charlie Bit My Finger Re-imagined As Horror Films

By Megan O'Neill 

October is here and with it comes the onslaught of all things frightening (ooh! I sure do love Halloween!).  In this spirit, What’s Trending has re-imagined a couple of YouTube’s most popular videos, Charlie Bit My Finger and David After Dentist, as scary horror and sci-fi thrillers as part of their YouTube Trailers series.

The idea behind the YouTube Trailers series is as follows: “Movies and TV shows all get trailers and sneak previews.  But why not YouTube videos?  What’s Trending aims to change that.”

The first What’s Trending YouTube Trailer, Charlie Bit My Finger Horror Remix, hit YouTube last month.  You wouldn’t want to run into little Charlie in a dark alley, would ya?

The second YouTube Trailer went up over the weekend and turns David After Dentist into a scary sci-fi thriller.  “This terrifying look at things to come includes clips from both the original DaD viral videos plus a variety of sci-fi films, including ’12 Monkeys,’ ‘Blade Runner,’ ‘Johnny Mnemonic,’ ‘The Matrix,’ ‘Total Recall’ and many many more.”  Enjoy!

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