Global Director Of Small Business Dan Levy On The Inspiration For Facebook Fit

By David Cohen 

CupcakeShopOwner650Small businesses  are no small matter at Facebook, and Global Director of Small Business Dan Levy is working to keep it that way. Levy spoke with Jon Xavier of Silicon Valley Business Journal about the social network’s recently announced Facebook Fit series of workshops for small and midsized businesses, and the SMB sector, in general.

Levy described the motivation behind the Facebook Fit boot camps to Xavier:

We’ve been doing small events out in the community for a couple of years now, but those were very small, like 15+ people. What was really a big moment for us is we had our first (Small and Medium Business Council) in March, and we had a bunch of small business owners from across the country come in and talk to us. And what they told us that was really interesting was, “Hey, did you guys know that we’re doing classes in our communities to teach small business owners about Facebook?”

We had heard of one-offs, of course, but what was surprising is that they were all doing that. It was a real eye-opener for us. We thought, “Why aren’t we a part of this?”

Also, there was a realization that this kind of small business training had been going on for decades, in chambers of commerce and rotaries and other places like that. Just because things are moving online doesn’t mean all of that went away. It was a galvanizing moment for us because we realized we could be doing more to support it.

Xavier also asked Levy about the most common mistake he has seen by businesses marketing on Facebook, and Levy responded:

The one mistake I often see that I’m really trying to help people to understand is to think of Facebook as social media. Don’t think of Facebook as social media: Think of it as a marketing strategy. If you want to reach a huge number of people, or just a small subset that matter to you, Facebook is a place you can do it. Facebook is not about trying to make a post go viral. That’s not a sustainable strategy for your business. Making a post go viral does not get people to walk in your door. We can solve real business objectives for people — getting more application downloads, getting new customers, getting people to walk in the door. We want people to think of Facebook not as a social media platform, the way they were five or six years ago, but as a real marketing platform where big business, small business, and everything in between can go to solve their business problems.

For much more, please see the Silicon Valley Business Journal post.

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