7 More Creative Ways To Wish Someone A Happy Birthday On Facebook

By Neil Vidyarthi Comment

virtpartyLast week we posted a list of 7 Better Ways to Wish Someone Happy Birthday on Facebook, and had a great response from readers. I thought I would compile the best responses from readers into a second list with more tips. Thanks to everyone that commented here and on Facebook.

Take Out a Facebook Ad

This was introduced by David Kerpen, who suggested “If you know all about your friend’s interests, job title, company, etc you can nanotarget him/her with a Facebook ad wishing him/her Happy Birthday all day long!” This is a pretty interesting suggestion, and might be hilarious for a group of people that see the ad. Check out Facebook Ads here.

Throw a Virtual Party

Louis suggested we throw the birthday person a virtual party using the Virtual Party app. The application is described as “Throw yourself or a friend a fun 5-minute virtual party for FREE – right here on Facebook. You and friends converge to play games and wish the celebrant well. A Virtual Party can be for a birthday, graduation, baby/bridal shower etc.”

Include a Song On Your Wall Post

Mia Chambers sent us a screenshot of her standard birthday greeting, which always includes a video by Paul McCartney. See the screenshot to the left, and you’ll have to do a bit of web browsing or ask Mia herself about how she is able to generate those hearts and musical notes. Sweet!

Send Real Gifts

Send your friends a real gift over Facebook, which they can then pick up in store at a later date. Try the RealGifts application and see if there isn’t a gift that meets your requirements.

Create a Facebook Birthday Event

People love to “attend” events, even if nothing is officially going down. Set up a Facebook Event for the person on the day of their birthday and let the comments fly. Post photos and interesting movies about the person and make it public or private, depending on the nature of the person.

birthdayquizMake a Birthday Quiz for the Person

Using the Quizzes application, create a quiz about the birthday person and send it to all your common friends. Let people answer questions and determine who’s the person’s best friend on their birthday. This one can be a lot of fun and will definitely make the person feel special.

Send an Email Through Facebook

This idea came from Rodolfo Salazar, and could be effective for someone that doesn’t already have Facebook. The email serves as an invite to the network and a birthday greeting. All you have to do is enter the email address into the “to” box inside a Facebook message to shoot them a mail. This can also work for a special friend who you want to say “happy birthday” to in as many ways as possible.