Facebook Adds Cost-Per-Action Buying, Video Creative To Mobile App Ads

By David Cohen 

MobileAppAdsCPABuyingFacebook continues to roll out enhancements to its advertising options, particularly on the mobile side, announcing Monday that mobile applications can now be promoted via cost-per-action buying, and videos can now be included in creative for ads promoting mobile apps.

The social network said the two new features will be rolled out to developers and advertisers that are measuring app installs over the next several days.

CPA buying allows marketers to bid on and be charged for Facebook advertising based on app installs, rather than being limited to bidding on cost per click or optimized cost per impression.

And the addition of videos to ad creative will allow advertisers to better demonstrate the features of their apps in the hopes of driving more installs.

Facebook offered more details on the two new mobile app advertising options in a post on its developer blog:

Facebook has simplified the buying process for mobile app ads by giving you the option to bid and optimize for mobile app installs. Previously, we offered advertisers the option of bidding on cost per click (CPC) or optimized cost per impression (oCPM). Developers can now set a cost per action (CPA) bid to better manage their budgets while maximizing installs. Through CPA bidding, developers are only charged when a user downloads and installs their app, offering greater control over spend on mobile app ads. Based on internal Facebook tests, buying on CPA drives, on average, 20 percent lower cost per install than buying on CPC. In order to bid on CPA, you need to be measuring installs for your ad campaign, either by integrating with our SDK (software-development kit) or working with a mobile measurement partner. Learn more about our measurement options and the benefits of CPA buying.

Now you can use video creative in your mobile app ad aimed at driving installs to bring your app to life in Facebook’s mobile News Feed. Potential customers will be able to click play to watch a video featuring your mobile app before installing the app. Video creative has proven to be an effective way to drive engagement in News Feed, and we look forward to helping developers use their video creative to find new app installs.

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