CONFESSION: I Subscribed To Zoosk On Facebook

By Jackie Cohen Comment

We know that dating applications have strong usage on Facebook, yet I’m embarrassed to admit that I impulsively bought a premium subscription to Zoosk before I’d gotten a chance to suss out the selection on there.

At the time, I rationalized that subscribing doubled as research for But then I regretted that transaction so much I actually requested a refund within a week. Zoosk didn’t respond to my request, which included the stipulation that the account be canceled immediately.

Perhaps the message never got through, because Zoosk attempted to put a charge on my card this week (thank God for Bank of America’s online banking software, which shows pending transactions).

After consulting with my bank, I actually canceled the card to prevent any further unauthorized transaction attempts.

When I went to the nearest branch of the bank to obtain a new card, the personal banker I spoke with there had told me she heard of other people having this same problem with Zoosk.

Now, it’s very possible that she’d heard about this sort of thing happening with another online merchant — many outfits that sell subscriptions on the Internet default to automatically rebilling your card every month unless you specially opt out.

But what if there’s something awry with Zoosk — or any other dating application on Facebook?

Perhaps you, dear readers, can help us fill in some blanks: Do you know of anyone who has encountered difficulties in attempting to cancel a subscription to a Facebook dating application? Please share your stories with us in the comments section below this post.