Comufy Notify Allows App Developers To Tap Facebook’s Notifications API

By David Cohen 

Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer Comufy devised a way for application developers to use the social network’s notifications application-programming interface to inform their apps’ users of new content or features.

Comufy Notify (llows app developers to send personalized notifications to users of their apps, alerting them about new content, features, or offers.

The Comufy Notify feature is part of the social media marketing software company’s Social Suite platform, which captures and stores the data of users who opt in in a social customer-relationship-management database, making it available to marketers for analysis, segmentation, and targeted, personalized messages.

Comufy CEO Phil Mohr said:

It’s pretty hard to ignore the little red notification number at the top of your Facebook page. If you can re-engage customers by telling them when you’ve got something that’s really relevant to them, then the app has a longer lifespan, which increases its value to the brand. The real beauty of the Comufy system is the information marketers will be able to get from their customers — what they like, what they don’t like, and what content keeps them coming back. It gives a social media campaign much higher value and strategic importance.

Readers: Would you want to receive notifications from the developers of the Facebook apps you use?