ComScore: There’s More To Social Marketing Besides Facebook Likes

By Justin Lafferty 

There’s more to Facebook marketing besides racking up a bunch of “likes.” ComScore Tuesday released “The Power of Like 2,” which illustrates how companies should focus on engaging fans and sharing content for social marketing success.

The 21-page report shows how in many cases, a company’s Facebook page is starting to replace its official website as the go-to destination for consumers and fans.

One example it gives is Skittles. The official website of the fruity candy drew 23,000 unique United States visitors in May 2012. Skittles’ Facebook page? 320,000 visitors in that same time span. ComScore notes that because the Facebook page is becoming so popular, it’s important for companies to use it properly, engaging with fans and sharing content.

Whereas many companies just seek to see how many people will click “like” on their page and become fans, ComScore feels that several steps are being skipped, such as establishing relevance, getting people to talk about the product on their own Facebook pages, and encouraging them to spread the message.

ComScore champions the work done by Starbucks. The coffee mogul not only accumulates millions of likes on its Facebook page, but it effectively uses social marketing to get more people to purchase java.

ComScore compiled a graph, tracking theĀ correlationĀ of successful social marketing outreach to in-store purchasing:

ComScore points out that these findings are significant to companies looking to expand their influence on Facebook, as it shows that social marketing done correctly and as a vehicle for branding can lead to an increase in sales.

Readers, can you tell us some companies that really know how to use Facebook, from a consumer’s prospective? What do they do that works?