Coldplay Sparks Palestinian Debate On Facebook

By Nick O'Neill Comment

Coldplay called on fans to go check out a new “Freedom for Palestine” single, and since the controversial post went up yesterday, comments have erupted into a debate over the band’s political stance.

One Israeli posted:

are you serious!@?!?# Israel is doing it’s best to create peace and until you wont live in israel you dont have the right to say anything. our country is democratic and we dont kill people from no reason!!! theyre attacing us! what should we do?!!! to let them kill us?? coldplay, shame on you.

A Palestinian supporter wrote:

VIctoria, the vast majority of arab are being ABUSED!!!!
the kleptocratic people occupying the government of those countries do not speak for the majority.
In israel the majority agree with the occupation of palestine, hence the israelis are the oppresers and the arabs are not!

Of course, the comments are also littered with hate speech. Clearly, this is a controversial topic and I’m sure Coldplay knew this when posting the link to the band’s page.

The volume of comments is increasing, with people posting updates every second. While I’m not sure what will bring an end to the postings I doubt it will last as long as the actual debate.

Interestingly enough, Coldplay’s Facebook page continues to be gaining fans with more than 13.35 million as of right now.

My guess is that very little will come out of the conversation, but it’s interesting to see how heated the debate can become on a band’s Facebook page. As usual, both sides are calling on others to go and post comments on the page as though that’s going to make a dramatic difference. Even the YouTube videos have a large number of likes and dislikes.