Cleverbug Creates Engaging Birthday Cards With Facebook Photos

By Justin Lafferty 

While there are several platforms that try to make the birthday experience more special on Facebook, iOS application Cleverbug feels that it can revolutionize the way birthday cards are given. By allowing users to pick from their friends’ Facebook photos and getting mutual friends into the fun, Cleverbug allows people to create engaging memories that go far beyond a simple “Happy birthday!” timeline post.

Cleverbug Founder and CEO Kealan Lennon said he was inspired to start the company based on the success of Facebook and publisher VistaPrint. Lennon has a wealth of publishing experience and says that Cleverbug has what it takes to change the way people say, “Happy birthday,” on Facebook. He wants to revolutionize the $27 billion greeting card industry.

Here’s how it works: Users can connect to Cleverbug through Facebook on their iPhones or iPads and pick from a variety of creative card templates. Then they can select their friend’s Facebook photos (or let Cleverbug decide which one looks best), or take a photo on the spot. Photo selection is based on the relationship between the two people, as well as the recipient’s most-liked pictures. Lennon says this is what makes Cleverbug special, as users can create truly unique cards.

For roughly the cost of greeting cards available at stores, people can send cards that have relevant, direct meaning between the two friends. Additionally, Cleverbug will notify mutual friends tagged in cards’ photos, so they can see the cards on Facebook.

Lennon told AllFacebook that he wants to tap into the power of mobile to help make birthdays a little more fun and relevant on Facebook:

Cleverbug’s mission is to help people put the magic back into birthdays. We’re doing that by offering real cards with immense personalization, beautiful design, sent from the convenience of a mobile phone, sent to anywhere in the world … Facebook itself, increasingly, is the platform where people send birthday greetings. No other greeting cards have tapped the social graph like Cleverbug has.

As a way to kick off the service, Cleverbug is inviting Apple users to give it a shot and create and send a card to First Lady Michelle Obama, whose birthday is Jan. 17.

Lennon told AllFacebook that Cleverbug is starting off with birthday cards, but it could branch out in the future. Also, Cleverbug is working on a deal with photo service Getty Images that would allow users to send cards with timely, relevant photos of their friend’s favorite celebrities or athletes.

Readers: Do you like to do something extra for friends on their birthday, other than writing on their timeline?