CityVille Expected To Reach 100 Million MAU This Week

By CJ Arlotta Comment

In the past month, CityVille has been reaching new heights. Right before the Christmas break, CityVille dethroned FarmVille as the largest game on Facebook with 61.6 million monthly active users. During Christmas break, CityVille’s daily active users declined, due to the holiday bug, but jumped back after the holiday season to top FarmVille’s highest peak of monthly active users. Now, CityVille has another ceiling to break: be the first Facebook game to reach 100 million monthly active users.

How much exactly is 100 million monthly active users? If you were to merge FarmVille‘s MAU (57.7 million) with Texas Hold’em Poker‘s MAU (36.1 million), you would not reach CityVille‘s monthly active users of 97.8 million. Add together all the monthly active users from the bottom part of the top 10 MAU list: Cafe World (18 million), Treasure Isle (14.7 million), Pet Society (12.3 million), Millionaire City (12.2 million) and Bejeweled Blitz (11.6 million), and you would still fall short.

CityVille, with a weekly growth of 13.6 million active users, is expected to reach 100 million MAU by the end of this week, possibly as soon as Thursday. An achievement that FarmVille – at one point the largest game on Facebook – did not attain. According to, CityVille had 7.2 million monthly active users on December 10th, which increased to 97.8 million MAU a month later.

With statistics like the above, CityVille will continue to rise high above other games in the social arena. However, what we also know is that all games eventually reach a peaking point. CityVille’s honeymoon phase may be over soon enough.