Choose Every Song on The Radio With New iPhone App

By Kenna McHugh Comment

Internet radio news surfaced on the web this week when Jelli announced its expansion to include their service not only in the realm of smartphones but also terrestrial radio. Two Las Vegas radio stations are surrendering their own programming and relying on Jelli users to dictate what will be played from their iPhones.

I am sure most of you are familiar with the Pandora style of personalizing Internet Radio by only playing what you like by requesting your favorite musician, song or genre. Jelli takes the Pandora concept of personalized radio to a different level by letting users select and tailor a playlist via “sucks” and “rocks” buttons as well as a “rocket” (take the song to the top) or “bomb” (get this song off the air NOW). Jelli will launch the world’s first terrestrial radio stations completely powered by the social web in June. Las Vegas will be the first market to launch the 24-hour radio format.

KHIJ and KVBE listeners will be able to choose in real time every song that plays on the air via Jelli’s website or Jelli’s free iPhone app. One station will play Pop music, and the other Rock music, but both will be branded “Jelli.”

The radio stations will be completely automated by Jelli’s cloud-based platform, which enables local broadcasts to be easily customized and shaped to local tastes while being managed on a centralized basis.

It looks like Jelli wants to transform the radio market by engaging listeners directly through the web and mobile. I wonder if iPhone users are likely to listen to a radio format versus their own personal iTunes download.