REPORT: Facebook Eyes Sales Office In China

By David Cohen 

BusinessmanChinaFlag650Facebook is banned in China, but according to a report by Bloomberg, this isn’t stopping the social network from exploring the opening of a new sales office in that country to target local advertisers.

A source with knowledge of the situation told Bloomberg a Facebook office could open in China within one year, adding that the company is in talks to lease space at the Fortune Financial Center in Beijing, in the city’s central business district.

Bloomberg reported that according to the source, the social network has not decided whether to proceed with full-time employees or contractors, adding that the sales office will require an operating license.

Facebook Vice President of Corporate Development Vaughan Smith said in an email to Bloomberg:

Today, our sales team in Hong Kong is supporting these Chinese businesses, but because of the rapid growth these businesses are achieving by using Facebook, we are of course exploring ways that we can provide even more support locally, and we may consider having a sales office in China in the future.

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Image courtesy of Shutterstock.