Hey Winners! Social TV Check-In App Introduces the Charlie Sheen Badge

By Megan O'Neill Comment

Do you wish you were more like Charlie Sheen? A Grade-A, tigers blood and Adonis DNA-boasting winner? Well unfortunately you can’t literally take the Charlie Sheen “drug” on your own or “your face will melt off and your children will cry over your exploded body”, but with a new campaign from social TV app Philo you can get a little bit closer to Sheen-dom with a collection of new exclusive badges, inspired by several of the star’s recent quotable quotes.

Starting now, when you check into ‘2 And A Half Men’ on Philo you can unlock a collection of hilarious badges, including the ‘Tiger Blood’ award, the ‘Goddesses’ award, the ‘Winning’ award and, of course the ‘Charlie Sheen’ award (not as in the actor himself but as in, “I’m on a drug, it’s called Charlie Sheen!!“).

The following information is provided on the Philo website:

“Charlie Sheen. Gentleman. Scholar. Vatican Assassin Warlock. Any way you describe him, he’s been everywhere recently and now he’s on Philo.

“We’ve got 4 special Sheen-themed badges but to win you’ll have to figure it out on your own, or drink tiger’s blood (send your photos to philoman [at] playphilo.com). Winning.

“Not only that, but one lucky winner will win a case of Broguiere’s Chocolate Milk and Naked Juice, the official beverage of winners and their goddesses.”

Broguiere’s Chocolate Milk and Naked Juice are, of course, the infamous drinks that Charlie and his “goddess” are holding up in the Twitpic in Sheen’s inaugural tweet. I think it’s hilarious how Philo and these drink brands are getting in on the action. I’d say this campaign makes them all bi-winners.

Are you going to check-in to ‘2 And A Half Men’ on Philo to collect some of these awesomely hilarious badges? I just did. Winning!