Catmoji Is Pinterest for Cats

By Cameron Scott 

social networks, social media, photo sharing, emoticonsCatmoji, which launched in a sign-up beta today, is Pinterest for cats.

Let’s backtrack a bit. With Pinterest’s sudden and persuasive emergence into success about a year ago, pitches promising startups that are “Pinterest for fill-in-the-blank” are quite the rage.

In most cases it’s a sign of failure. Why be another Pinterest, when Pinterest does it so well?

But here’s Catmoji‘s persuasive pitch: “Because the Internet love cats and we want to make the Internet a better and happier place with cats!”

A Pinterest for cats could be the next big thing, even though Catmoji looks so much like Pinterest that I’m not sure whether the rustling paper sounds I hear are cats or copyright lawyers at play.

But Catmoji has a few original contributions, or at least puns, to offer. Catmunity for one. And cavatars that allow users to tell the world what kind of cat they would be, if they were a cat.

Users can search through Catmoji’s cat photos based on the the mood of the cat, as emoji-tagged by it’s opposable-thumbed photo-uploader.

Catmoji emerged from Start-up Chile but is now based in Malaysia.

To sum up: Cat photos!