Facebook Rising Star: VP Of Global Marketing Solutions Carolyn Everson

By Julie D. Andrews 

While Facebook may not have one woman on its board, to the tune of harsh criticism from groups such as Ultraviolet, it does flash an impressive roster of power-hitter female executives on its payroll. One rising star to keep an eye on is Carolyn Everson, Facebook’s vice president of global marketing solutions. Based on the company’s now-urgent need to lasso in ad dollars, her time to shine has clearly arrived.

After all, increasing the social network’s near-nonexistent ad revenues is her domain. In her role, she crystallizes relationships between Facebook and important marketers, in addition to heading some 20 teams globally.

Those duties are no sweat off her brow: She’s been groomed by the best. Recently featured in The Huffington Post’s Women in Tech series, Everson said in the interview that she was brought into the Facebook fold by none other than Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg, recently dubbed Silicon Valley’s “it girl.”

Everson received a phone call from Facebook Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg‘s right-hand woman as an attempt to wrest her talent from Microsoft, where Everson was helming global advertising. After less than one year at the job, the smart cookie jumped ship, answering Sandberg’s call.

Her mentor must be proud. An advocate for women in tech in her own right, the mother of two is currently putting together a talk to support female leaders following Sandberg’s lead (recall Sandberg’s 2010 TED Female Leadership talk and her female-exec-promoting quote at a recent speech at Barnard College: “If we don’t correct the ambition gap, we can’t close the achievement gap.”

Everson follows in her “recruiter” Sandberg’s footsteps in another way: She encourages a family-first corporate culture, telling HuffPost:

The biggest reason why women don’t stay in the work force is because they feel like they have to choose between family and work. That’s a horrible choice to have to make … I have men and women on my team — all of the men are dads, and all the women are moms, except one — and I say, “I want you both to decide what’s important to you, and this is not a women’s thing.”

Another secret revealed in the HuffPost interview: Her favorite Facebook Page is Burberry — a page, she can surely afford to browse with her stake in the multibillion-dollar social network.