Carolyn Everson Discusses Facebook’s Efforts To Stamp Out Fake Profiles, Accounts

By David Cohen 

Despite initiatives by Facebook aimed at stamping out fake profiles and pages, the process has been slow, and the issues still remain. Vice President of Global Marketing Solutions Carolyn Everson spoke with Business Insider about what the social network is doing about the problem.

Everson told Business Insider:

It is very much under control now. It’s something we monitor vigilantly. We have user operations teams based in India, in Dublin, in California, and in Austin, Texas, that are constantly monitoring. We want to ensure that one of the core tenets of Facebook is that you have your unique identity on Facebook.

There were certain pockets of the world where this was more prevalent in some of the emerging markets, which, by the way, is not dissimilar to what happened with search when search first launched. There were a lot of fake clicks happening. It is something the industry at large deals with. This isn’t a Facebook-specific issue. If anything, we have an advantage because we are a true-identity platform, so we can quickly figure out if anyone is their true self on Facebook.

We have not specifically gone to target people who have started pages for their dogs. What we are looking for is people who have widespread fake user ID accounts to make sure we take them out of the system. We call them bad actors, and that’s how we identify them.

Readers: Have you encountered any Facebook profiles recently that are clearly fake?