CareerSonar Turns Facebook Friends Into Job Connections

By Justin Lafferty 

Looking for a job? Among your Facebook friends lies the potential for employment. CareerSonar, a new service, brings together a person’s connections on LinkedIn and Facebook to look for perfectly fitting job opportunities.

CareerSonar, a Facebook application, seeks to end the practice of applicants blindly sending in resumés through job sites, and instead make it more of a personal experience by allowing people to see if the companies of their Facebook friends or LinkedIn connections are hiring. CareerSonar features quick and easy Facebook login functionality.

The service lists job openings, then shows which friends have connections with those companies. Jobs are ranked by the number of people with a person’s social graph with ties to the opportunity:

Aviram Ben Moshe, CareerSonar co-founder and chief technology officer, described in an email how the service is more effective than traditional job-searching methods:

Job boards have become very ineffective, and it’s exceedingly difficult for job seekers to get noticed with a cold approach. So much so that many refer to job boards as “black holes” for resumes.

Readers: Have you ever utilized your Facebook connections for employment?