Tips For Brands To Become Relevant On Facebook’s News Feed

By Justin Lafferty 

As ComScore pointed out earlier this year, a bulk of Facebook users’ time is spent on the news feed. As advertisers compete for real estate with users’ friends and various pages they’ve liked, figuring out how to master EdgeRank can go a long way. Buddy Media recently posted several tips for advertisers looking to gain more prominence in their fans’ news feeds.

Buddy Media feels that pages shouldn’t just push content. On Facebook, it’s a two-way conversation, so administrators should ask questions. This allows fans to share their opinion, reveal information about themselves, and, most important — post comments. The more activity a post sees, such as comments, likes, and shares, the higher it will be placed in EdgeRank, so more people will see it. Buddy Media suggests using keywords such as “where,” “when,” “would,” and “could,” to foster more engagement.

Pages should also use games and trivia, giving fans a fun way to interact. Fans may come back to the page later to see if there are any other games or contests being played.

Additionally, when users comment on posts, page administrators should join the conversation, even if it’s just to say thanks for offering input. By answering questions and continuing to ask for opinions in the comment section, it humanizes brands. Plus, EdgeRank loves comments.

Buddy Media also suggests that pages study how to get onto the ticker through users’ friends (i.e., having “Sam Jones likes Acme Industries,” show up in a user’s ticker) and utilize photos, which are goldmines for engagement. Photos can get users excited about a new product or encourage them to click and comment, or at least check out the page. Videos are also a great way to show off how products work.

As several brands discovered during the Olympic Games, posting content related to current events shows that pages are hip to what’s going on. Plus, pages can host conversations about the holidays or a news story, driving engagement and boosting comment totals. Buddy Media also reminds page administrators to include links back to the company website, which can encourage users to share the content among their friends. Although links don’t carry as much clout as photos or videos, they can still help gain more comments than just a plain status update.

Lastly, posts should have some kind of call to action. If you’re looking for likes or shares, post a funny photo, asking people to like or share if they agree.

Buddy Media wrapped up its findings in its white paper:

Any business can leverage the power of EdgeRank to have its content seen in the news feed. Keep in mind that the type of content you post and the methods you choose to implement have a huge impact on the way people respond to your content. Take account of your posts’ affinity scores, weights, and relevancy, and the rest takes care of itself.

Readers: If you manage a page, what tactics do you use to foster engagement?

Images courtesy of Buddy Media.