Facebook Users Can Send Friends an Actual Bud, Bud Light on Their Birthdays

By David Cohen 

BudLightBirthday650Why offer your Facebook friends virtual toasts on their birthdays, when you can send them an actual Budweiser or Bud Light?

Budweiser launched the Bud Light Birthday promotion Tuesday, allowing Facebook users to send their friends online vouchers for Bud or Bud Light on their birthdays, via gift-delivery and fulfillment company Gratafy, Mashable reported.

Recipients obviously must be 21 or older, and most thirsty birthday celebrators will have to wait, as Mashable reported that the initiative is only valid in Denver and Chicago for now.

Anheuser-Busch vice president of consumer connections Lucas Herscovici said in a release announcing the Bud Light Birthday campaign:

Beer is the original social network. This new campaign focuses not on a gift certificate or credit, but on bringing people together to celebrate life’s most anticipated moments. Whether you’re toasting your birthday, a job promotion, an engagement or simply the end of a long work week, we want to encourage everyone to bridge the physical and digital worlds by allowing you to send your friend a beer over Facebook.

Readers: Will you take advantage of Bid Light Birthday when the initiative expands to your region?