Birthdays Move To Top Of Facebook Mobile News Feed

By Justin Lafferty 

Facebook recently launched Gifts, allowing users to purchase items for a friend’s birthday or any other special occasion. Now the company is pushing Gifts to mobile. Originally, birthdays on mobile were grouped in with events and not readily seen from the news feed. A Facebook spokesperson confirmed to AllFacebook that birthdays have been moved to the top of the mobile news feed, and this will be the way that people can purchase items for friends through Gifts.

The Facebook spokesperson said that having Gifts available on mobile was part of the original plan, but it gained more attention Wednesday as people noticed birthdays at the top of their mobile news feeds.

This new layout is available for Android users who have access to Gifts, and the capability will come soon to iOS users. Currently, only a subset of U.S. Facebook users have access to Gifts; a Facebook spokesperson said there’s no information yet as to when more people will have it.

Here’s what the new birthday placement looks like, courtesy of TechCrunch:

Readers: Do you plan to use Gifts when it becomes available to you?